Virtual Dance Classes with Ira Weisburd on Facebook Live!

I participated this evening in his Israeli dance class – it was great! I didn’t know most of the dances, but they were not too difficult and Ira is, of course, a most amazing instructor and talked through the dances to make them easier to pick up. He also taught a few dances in detail.

Israeli Dancing Virtual Classes – Every Monday 4pm PT – live on Facebook

Line Dance Class – Every Tuesday 7:30am PT – live on Facebook (that’s right – very early in the morning – not so bad in Florida)

Balkan Dancing coming soon!

Ira virtual dance classes

You DO NOT have to be a Facebook User or Facebook Friend to tune in and participate in the class.  Simply click on or copy and paste the link into your browser.  When you become a “follower” on Ira’s page, you will get an automatic alert when Ira goes “Live”.

From Ira’s message:

To have the best virtual dance experience, please prepare the following in advance.  Find an area or clear an area in your home which is at least 12 feet by 12 feet so that you have enough space to dance.  Wear your dance shoes and have bottled water available just like when you go to a regular class.  All you need to tune in is an iphone, ipad, laptop, desktop, or large screen Smart TV.  Click on the Facebook Link above and you’re ready to dance !!

Each week I will start the class with easy beginner dances to warm up.  I will introduce at least one new dance each week and you can actually interact with me and others taking the class by texting while the class is going on.  Please say hello when you tune in and let us know where you are coming from.  I will try to greet you if I see you tuned in.  If you have any special requests or dances that you would like to bring back, let me know.  Our class will feature primarily Beginner to Intermediate level dances.  When the “Live” class ends, I will launch a “Watch Party” so those who may have missed the live class can take it at their leisure and you too can always take the class again.  It is best if you can take the class “Live”, since once the session is over, some of the music unfortunately may be muted by facebook for copyright purposes.