From the EEFC List:

Dear EEFC friends,

In these exceptional times during which many of us are confined in our homes, I invite you to watch a delightful documentary (95 min) produced by my daughter Catherine Moreau.
Synopsis : In July 2008, Yves Moreau and his Japanese friend Hironobu Senzaki celebrated their 60th birthday with a unique and exciting folklore journey through Thrace, the rich cultural region shared by Bulgaria (Тракия), Greece (Θράκη) and Turkey (Trakya).  90 people from all over the world gathered to take part in «Trakya 2008».
More than just a trip, this extraordinary event proved that dancing, singing and musical traditions can transcend borders and create a spirit of friendship and unity.

Warm greetings and good wishes from Montreal.

Yves Moreau