FAC Updates
Wednesday, March 25, 2020
From the Executive Director…

Are you finding yourself with a little more time on your hands (and feet) than you are used to?

Are you suffering from dance withdrawal symptoms?

Are you wondering how to support nonprofit arts groups like the Folk Arts Center of New England, groups who have had to cancel their programming and, in the process, eliminated a critical income stream to support the organization?
Ahmet Luleci
Have we got an opportunity for you!

Ahmet Lüleci is donating a Turkish Dance Workshop – to be conducted in the comfort of your own home!

On Saturday afternoon, March 28, from 11am – 1pm PDT (2-4pm EDT), Ahmet will appear live via Zoom and regale us with two classes (with a short break in between). The suggested donation is $10, but of course anything above that would be gratefully accepted and most appreciated.

On the Folk Art Center’s Special Events webpage, there are details about what to do to in preparation for Saturday’s workshop: how to make your donation, and how to install Zoom on the device of your choice.

All proceeds – all of them! – benefit the Folk Arts Center of New England. Ahmet is donating his time and considerable talent to this fundraiser (in fact, it was his idea!).

The rest of Ahmet’s idea is also ready for announcing: this is just the first in a series featuring some of your favorite dance teachers! All on Saturdays, all beginning at 11am PDT (2pm EDT), with all the teachers donating their efforts to benefit FAC!

March 28: Ahmet Lüleci (Turkish dance)
April 4: Joe Kaloyanides Graziosi (Greek dance)
April 11: Roberto Bagnoli (Roberto’s Favorites)
April 18: Zeljko Jergan (Croatian dance)


Speaking for all of us at the Folk Arts Center, we are grateful beyond words (well, technically, almost beyond words) for Ahmet’s generosity. Way back when, in the mid-80s, when times were tough for arts funding and many nonprofits were closing their doors, I approached Ahmet and asked him if he and his performance group, Collage, would dance at a benefit for FAC at the Masonic Hall in Cambridge. He did not hesitate back then to say yes, and he is still supporting us, 35 years later, in another time of uncertainty for the arts.

Three cheers for Ahmet. Three cheers for Joe, Roberto, and Zeljko. And three cheers for YOU – the people who make our community as great and supportive as it is!

–Marcie Van Cleave