From California, a Playlist of the Teachers we love learning from and dancing with.

This playlist could be hundreds long, but we’ll start with 16. I picked ones where our teachers are dancing. A few have instruction at the front, but all include dancing!

Click HERE for today’s playlist.

  1. Mihai David leading Floricica Olteneasca.
  2. Bruce Hamilton in a 2x rendition of The Astonished Archaeologist.
  3. Roberto Bagnoli teaching and dancing Ogneno Horo.
  4. Yves Moreau dancing Monino Horo.
  5. France Bourque-Moreau in a short clip teaching a Québécois dance.
  6. Ira Weisburd leading the line dance Yolanda.
  7. Jaap Leegwater leading Kircho na charade sedeshe.
  8. Joe Graziosi leading a fun Island Syrto.
  9. Ahmet Luleci with Saskin
  10. Richard Powers dancing Tokyo Polka. Tokyo Polka seems to be turning up on a lot of our playlists.
  11. Jim Gold with Maica.
  12. Roo Lester with an a capella version of Langdans fran Solleron.
  13. Zeljko Jergen in the middle with  Hrvatske Igre Radionica.
  14. Sonia Dion & Cristian Florescu with a clip of their dance Te Aven Baxtale.
  15. George & Irina Arabagi teaching and dancing Na Polonyi.
  16. Ada Dziewanowska, at ~100 years old, during a Polish Festival.

Stay happy,

Adony, Becky and the Peninsula Folk Dance Council