Coming to you from the Peninsula Folk Dance Council

Virtual Folk Dance Party!

Saturday, APRIL 11, 3pm to 6pm, US CALIFORNIA TIME (PDT)

Last time, ~ 1,500 of us connected across the world and danced together, let’s…

  • connect globally, and dance in our own homes
  • submit requests and chat online
  • see each other; listen and dance to our favorites

Join Zoom Party
Meeting ID: 600 066 908

To dial in by phone+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
Find a local number:

Watch on Facebook Live, if the Zoom is full or you just want to watch

A Few Notes

  • IMPORTANT – Do not use both computer and phone; you will generate feedback.
  • For a better experience, try out Zoom; we have 1,000 licenses.
  • When in the meeting, click the ‘chat’ button to chat with everybody and make requests.
  • When you sign into Zoom, enter your name and city so we know where you’re from!
  • Partial playlist can be found at
  • Email moc.liamg@ecnadkloflautriv before the event starts with requests and questions.
  • Thanks to all our friends across the world who helped with this!
  • Keep emailing us ideas, we appreciate everybody’s input on making this better.
  • No fee. If you can, help your local food bank with a donation. There are a lot of people out of work right now.

The Peninsula Folk Dance Council usually holds its parties on the second Saturday of each month in Menlo Park, CA, and now online as well. Please follow us on Facebook.