Collections of dance music and videos from ROKDIM

During these days of staying at home, I prepared for you dance music and videos for your dancing enjoyment, alone or with partners.

Some of the collections are from my Harkada at Dizengoff Center, and additional collections by theme, that I created. Going forward I will create more collections, which you will be able to see at the ROKDIM homepage:

To help me decide whether to continue investing the time, I ask for your feedback on these collections. You can also request dances that you love.

Each link below leads to a dance page on the site, which includes the dance namesIn order to watch the video, press the red button   “Dance With us”

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yaron Meishar

Here are the links for each dance collection:

1. Beginner Dancing at Dizengoff Center:

2. Advanced Dancing 1 at Dizengoff Center

3. Advanced Dancing 2 at Dizengoff Center:

4. Advanced Dancing 3 at Dizengoff Center:

5. Advanced Dancing 4 at Dizengoff Center:

6. Dancing for Shabbat #1:

7. Dancing for Shabbat #2:

8. Collection of dances for kids with their parents:

9. Collection of couple dances for beginners: