From Sara Ferholt on the eefc list serv:

From my dear friend Jeanie Lewicki, Yiddishist and singer of incomparable prowess and passion and humor:

Hi friends, so this is strange. I’m teaching an online workshop on Yiddish song this Sunday, April 19, 2pm Pacific time, for KlezCalifornia. It’s free! You can shelter in place with me & some great Yiddish folksingers of the past! This presentation will let you sing along while reading lyrics & simultaneous English translations. We’ll consider what makes a singer “sound Yiddish” (ornaments, timing, attitude); practice some easy techniques; & hear some funny beautiful inspirational songs (rated G, well, maybe PG-13). It’s a zoom workshop but you don’t need a zoom account to join. You do need to RSVP to KlezCal with a user name & an email address or phone number so they can send you a password & link to join in. Please RSVP in advance to gro.ainrofilaczelk@spohskrow.
For more info:

P.S. KlezCalifornia has decided to make their upcoming series of workshops free for all. There will be a brief rap about the non-profit org at the beginning & end of the workshop. xox j