During normal times, World Dance offers daily classes in Santa Barbara, with all proceeds going to our work in Rwanda, where we are helping 11,500 genocide survivors lift themselves out of poverty.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, we suspended our regular classes, but we were determined to help people sheltering at home by providing a fun, free, uplifting daily dance experience.
Since the start of the shut-down, we’ve been offering daily dance classes on Zoom. It’s been wonderful, bringing together people isolated at home…through dance! Many of us are dancing every day now, increasing our stamina, strength, and flexibility. Beyond that, we’re enjoying a big dose of community, social connection, and joy!

We offer a new array of music and dance styles each day, from belly dance to Bhangra, mambo to Motown, samba to swing. The dances are simple enough for beginners to follow, but varied and challenging enough to keep experienced dancers interested and inspired. The participants come from Santa Barbara (where we’re based), and from Italy, England, France, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Africa!

We have also put our classes on YouTube so people can follow along at home anytime—beginner to more advanced dances. Our latest offering is a “gentle” class: “Big Band to Broadway, Ragtime to
Rock n’ Roll,” for people in their golden years who are confined at home and enjoy dancing to the beautiful music of yesteryear.

We’re so grateful for the chance to celebrate community through the wonder of cyberspace. We hope you’ll join us!
Info: worlddanceforhumanity.org/schedule. Contact  Janet Reineck for login info.