In honor of Israel Independence Day, I have compiled 5 special Israeli dance NEW collections at:

  1. Harkada #24 (, Dances in honor of Israeli Memorial Day. Please read the description when the image is clicked.
  2. Harkada #25 ( and #26 (, are dances that correspond to the songs about the Israeli Independence Day evening celebrations.
  3. Harkada #27 ( and #28 ( are dances about Israeli Independence Day itself. Join us as we take a “virtual dance trip” to Israel: we begin in the Galilee/north of the country and continue south along the Jordan River, to the Sea of Galilee, passing to Mt Gilboa and then south through the Jordan valley to the Dead Sea and then going up to Jerusalem. (“Harkada #19” is dedicated solely to Jerusalem)
  4. Our trip continues at Harkada #28 as we go down south from Jerusalem through Beer Sheva to Eilat and Sharm A-Sheich (we will not return to you again …), and then head north to Ashdod, Tel Aviv to Nahariya and Karmiel.

This year we cannot really take a hike, so at least we will journey together with some of our favorite Israeli dances!
I would like to thank everyone for all the lovely letters you have sent me. I much appreciate your positive feedback
Thanks also to all those who have suggested names of dances for Independence Day, it was very helpful.

Warmly, Yaron, Rokdim