Global Folk Dance Party on May 9

Hope everybody enjoyed the last party, our next party is this Saturday, May 9, 3pm to 6pm PT.
Information here:

Join Zoom Party:
Or watch on Facebook Live:

We appreciate your comments, suggestions and requests; keep them coming.

Then, join the afterparty at IFDA St. Louis Virtual Dance Party!

More notes:

  • Based on feedback, there will be less teaching and more dancing.
  • The party after May 9 will be on May 30, then June 20, when we shift to our new normal day of 3rd Saturday of each month.
  • We’re continuing to improve on our music and video sync quality and think you’ll like the continued improvements.
  • In May, we’ll have our normal team, as well as a couple of additional Dance Leads and master teacher. Roberto will be joining us as always from Rome.

Many thanks,
Adony, and the team putting on the Global Folk Dance Party.