Michael Ginsburg Balkan Dance Series
Michael has an incredible gift for making folk dance accessible to all. He specializes in getting beginners up to speed and helping musicians transition from the stage to the dance floor in style. You’ll learn how geography applies to dance, explore unfamiliar rhythms, and get the blood moving! Bring your pets, children, double-left footed significant others—all are welcome!

Class #1 (5/21) will explore beginner-friendly Milisso, Ramno Veleshko, Skudrinka, and Gankino. Then, we will tackle the first section of Ludo Kopano, which will be completed over the duration of the series.

Register here: https://forms.gle/Mn889t5WdTdoyNtG8
FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/237541120810158

This event has a suggested donation of $15 for a single class or $50 for all 4 classes. Send your donation via Paypal to gro.cfee@eciffo.

Due to COVID-19, our organization had to cancel our bi-costal summer workshops. Losing regular camp programming this year will hurt in more ways than one as roughly 80% of our annual income comes from our workshops. We need your help to see us through this uncertain time, and to ensure that—when the danger has passed—we can gather once more in celebration!

About the East European Folklife Center | |
The East European Folklife Center (EEFC) was established in 1982 through the love and dedication of a core group of musician and dancers. Today, this ever-growing and expanding organization brings together an inclusive, celebratory, and welcoming global community of passionate amateurs and professionals, to respectfully share the richness and complexity of Balkan music, dance, and cultures. To learn more about our organization, please visit www.eefc.org.

About Michael | |
Michael has been director and lead trumpet player of Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band since 1983. He accompanied ZU to brass festivals in Guča, Serbia, three times between 1987 and 1990, as well as in 2003 and 2005, where he and ZU were able to play and party with local brass bands and experience the music in its natural setting.
Michael and Zlatne Uste worked with Ekrem Sajdić and Zlatni Prsti brass band in 2003, and in 2005 with Vranjski Biseri, both in Vranjska Banja, Serbia. Michael performed in the summer of 2010 with Zlatne Uste at the first competition of international bands at the Sabor Trubača in Guča, Serbia, representing the United States.
For many years, Michael has been interested in Balkan music and dances, especially Macedonian and Serbian. He is an expert in the complicated rhythms of Balkan music and has made several research trips to Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia, and studied in Macedonia with Pece Atanasovski. Michael has been on the teaching staff of the Macedonian Pearl seminar in Berovo, Macedonia.