Hello friends and friends of dance,

Our Orford last three camps were complemented by its dynamic presence and beautiful dances they taught us: Roberto Bagnoli (Orford 2017, Lachine 2018, Quebec in 2019); Sybil Helmer (Orford 2018); Wijnand Karel (Orford 2019). This year we will have the great pleasure to welcome them all three together in a virtual folkothèque to be held next Saturday and will serve Orford Camp 2020! Each of them will take some of their dances and a small team of our teachers Quebec will complement the guide while in others. This is an appointment to which we invite you:

Saturday, May 30, from 14h to 15h30 (ET)

at the following address: Zoom Link

NB: 1- to access, you will have downloaded the Zoom application on your computer, laptop, tablet or even smartphone.

2- when you open the link, if the host, Alain Veilleux, is not yet connected, you’ll see a note to the effect that the meeting is scheduled for 2020-04-19, at 8:00 pm. No problem, you’ll know you’re in the right place and will not have to wait. This is what we have always kept the same address since our first virtual evening and did not change the beginning of the information.

We hope many and look forward to seeing you.
Le C.A. des Pieds de Velours