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Armenian dance experts Susan and Gary Lind-Sinanian and the Folk Arts Center of New England present this week’s online event of the socially distanced era via Zoom, the popular teleconferencing platform.

Join Gary and Susan this Saturday, June 6, at 2:00pm EDT and again at 3:00pm EDT for two special online dance workshops, which will originate live from the Armenian Museum of America in Watertown Square, MA.

Gary and Susan have lectured and taught Armenian dances in America and internationally since 1978 and are known as “high context” teachers. Their workshops incorporate extensive background in Armenian history, culture, costume, and folklore related to the dances. As museum curators of the largest Armenian museum in the United States, they bring a broad background in many areas of Armenian culture to their workshops. They are particularly well known in the Armenian community for teaching dance and culture to youth and small children at Armenian schools, camps, and cultural festivals. More information about them here.

This is the eleventh in a series of online events featuring some of our favorite dance leaders, with the proceeds benefiting FAC.

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Next week (Saturday, June 13) will be a review session/party with all of the teachers/leaders from the current series:

  • Steve Kotansky,
  • Iliana Bozhanova,
  • Yves and France Moreau,
  • Erica Goldman, and
  • Susan and Gary Lind-Sinanian.