July 2020
July 11-July 18
73rd Year Virtual Camp and Teachers/Musicians Fundraiser
There will be frequent raffle drawings during our week-long Virtual Camp. Don’t have your raffle tickets yet? Better get over to our website folkdancecamp.org, and look at the three Stockton Packages. Raffle tickets will only be available until July 10, and the free pre-Camp ukulele lessons on Zoom end on July 10 as well.TEACHER RESOURCES
If you have looked at the schedule, you know that Stockton’s Virtual Camp will include cooking classes with Aaron Alpert, Ahmet Luleci, and Sonia Dion and Cristian Florescu. If you want the recipes and perhaps want to purchase the ingredients before the class, you’ll need to look here. On that same page, you’ll find information about how to contact the teachers and purchase music to the dances being taught. The page will be updated frequently, so please bookmark it so you can return to it daily.THE WEEKLY AND DAILY SCHEDULES
Preparation of the schedules for Stockton’s Virtual Camp are in the final stages. A few classes will not be happening, and other classes are being substituted. You’ll want up-to-date information here.

On Monday, on our Facebook page and YouTube channels, we will post a video showing you our schedules and where you can get them. Please check out that video, or check here for detailed schedules.

If Stockton Folk Dance Camp were happening on the University of the Pacific campus this year, the Footnotes would be distributed each evening. The Footnotes contains important information (“You need to be out of your dorm room by 9:00 on Sunday!”), lyrics to songs, announcements about changes in classroom assignments, lists of birthday celebrants, etc. This year the Footnotes will be distributed online like the E-News you are reading now. You’ll receive the first one July 10!

More teasers have been created for our Virtual Camp this year:

There are more teasers coming next week about Bill Cope’s sing-along, the auction and the schedule. Check our Facebook page or YouTube channel daily for updates. Our YouTube channel also has all of our previous teasers. Share them with friends who might not have heard about our up-coming dance adventures in cyberspace.CRISTIAN FLORESCU AND SONIA DION’S 10TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY
Whether or not you attended Stockton Folk Dance Camp in 2010, where Cristian and Sonia got married, you are invited to send them your greetings, best wishes, and congratulations in a special card created for this special year. Here’s the link:  tinyurl.com/SandCcard

Click here for information on schedules.
Click here for ways to support programs and guest artists.
Visit the Stockton Folk Dance Camp’s store on CaféPress. T-shirts, totebags, mugs, and more!

Absolutely no payment is required to view any of the presentations during the July 11-18 Virtual Camp. You will have opportunities to support and donate to Camp if you wish, as well individual teachers and musicians.

Please take photos of yourself dancing during the Big Week! If you are able to dance in small groups — perhaps outside, perhaps six feet apart — it would be great to have photos of those happy occasions! If you order some of the commemorative items mentioned above, please include them in the photos you take. Email your photos to Loui Tucker and she will organize and post them on our SmugMug site.


Information about Camp’s On-Line Auction:

1. You must join the Stockton Auction 2020 Facebook group in order to place a bid.
2. Items are posted as received for preview until the auction begins 8 am PST on July 14.
3. Bidding does not open until 8 am PST on July 14. The auction will close at the traditional time of “Somewhere around 10pm on July 16.”
4. Bidding is done in the Comments section. Please pay attention to required minimum bids, bid increments, and shipping possibilities. (Will donor ship to your country?) This information will be in the description and first Comment.
5. When the auction is over, the winner pays Stockton Folk Dance Camp by PayPal or check. Arrangements for payment must be made by the end of the day July 18, 2020, PST. The Auction staff will notify the donor, who will package the item and ship it to the address supplied by bidder.

Questions? Email Bobi Ashley or call Julie East at 650-422-0595.