This Saturday, August 22nd:

– 10am-11am, PDT: Beginning Macedonian & Bulgarian Tambura
– 11am-noon, PDT: Song accompaniment on tambura (et al)
– Noon-1pm, PDT: Macedonian Izvoren zoom-jam (Pece’s instrumental dance
– 1pm-2pm, PDT: Bulgarian bitov zoom-jam/get-together
– 2pm-3pm, PDT: Balkan Accordion zoom-shop
– 3pm-4pm, PDT: Greek (mostly) Rebetika zoom-shop
– 4pm-5pm, PDT: Chalgija (Balkan music on oud) zoom-shop

All events may be attended by any instrument(s), there are Bb charts
available for a growing number of tunes.

Charts, songbooks, etc., for all events are always available at:

Zoom login is always:
Meeting ID: 327 790 3613

Let’s make some more music together!

Contact Bill Cope moc.sepoceht@llib