Hey Dancers,

This week we’re beginning our partnership with Mladost to form the Mladost Community Dance! Same great people, same fun dancing, new snazzy name!

We will dance on Zoom tonight, Tuesday September 1st, from 7 – 9pm EDT. Please remember to submit your dance requests and donate to support our teachers ($5 suggested). Mark yourself going on our Facebook event, and invite your friends to join us (even if they’ve never folk danced before)! Thank you to Mladost Folk Ensemble for supporting this dance series.

New Zoom Meeting link:  


Note the new link and earlier end time for tonight. You’re welcome to come in a few minutes early to make sure you can get into the waiting room. We’re so excited to dance with you!

If you are able, please donate at our PayPal donation link to join our circle and support our teachers! We suggest a donation of $5 per evening, we are grateful for any amount you can contribute. Your generosity helps us weather the pandemic and sustains our dance programming long term!

Submit your favorite dances to our request form and we’ll put them in next week’s program. Thanks to everyone who sent in dances this week!

Check out our repertoire doc to find this week’s program, videos, music, and dance notes! The italicized dances have links to a video lesson from Andy Taylor!

Visit our brand-new website for more folk dancing fun!

Please welcome 2 new officers: Ethan Yu, Social Media Manager and Emily Crespo, Website Manager. Happy to have you both on board!

Early Teaching:

Please join us at 7pm for this week’s early teaching session with Andy: Haroa Haktana from Israel!
If you are new to the UML FDC, welcome! We’re so glad you’re dancing with us, and we can’t wait to meet you.
See you on Zoom,

Sarah Bustin
UML FDC President

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Additional funding for the UML Folk Dance Club is provided by the Folk Arts Center of New England, the Lowell Cultural Council, the Independent University Alumni Association of Lowell, and donations from supporters like you! Donate now to keep us dancing.