SOFA Thursdays is “A Thing”!

Last week we officially, but quietly, launched our SOFA Thursdays series. SOFA is an acronym for Some Other Folk Arts, to differentiate its subject matter from our Saturday dance workshop series!

Tonight on the SOFA we introduce Bennett Clifford who is presenting a cooking class based on his experiences in Georgia where he lived, worked, and studied. The recipes he will share with us are posted on his page along with other details!

Topics and leaders coming up include Kathryn Black presenting her Estonian Craft Experience (September 24), Susan Lind-Sinanian demonstrating Making Paklava (October 1), and An Evening with Zdravets (October 8).

The Online Series page lists all the workshops, and includes links to event-specific pages that give you even more information.

Speaking of links ….

We always post a link to the Zoom link for the week’s offerings on the event-specific pages. It is encased in a bright yellow box, outlined in red and the link itself – “activating this link” – are in bold and burgundy-colored. You can’t miss it!

Saturday’s Miroslav (Bata) Marcetic Serbian workshop!

The Folk Arts Center is absolutely delighted to host Miroslav on Saturday! Many of you have enjoyed workshops and spending time with him, so it will be a fun reunion. For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure, be sure to join us on Saturday afternoon at 2:00pm EDT – you will certainly not be disappointed as Miroslav charms us with the joy he takes in sharing his beloved Serbian dances with us.

Don’t miss this week’s poem at the bottom!

As Jim, our behind-the-scenes Tech Guru, who’s disembodied voice you sometimes hear calmly straightening out some kerfuffle or other during the workshops, said when I wrote the poem earlier this week: “Hmmmm – sending out important technical information in verse – what could go wrong … 🙂” See what you think!

Upcoming Thursday and Saturday workshops

• Thursday Nights (7:00pm EDT)

September 17: Georgian cooking with Bennett Clifford
September 24: Estonian Craft Experiences with Kathryn Black
October 1: Armenian paklava cooking lesson with Susan Lind-Sinanian
October 8: An Evening with Zdravets

• Saturday Afternoons (2-4pm EDT)

September 19: Miroslav Marčetić Serbian dance workshop
September 26: Balkan dancing with Michael Ginsburg
October 3: Armenian dance workshop with Tom Bozigian
October 17: Déjà Vu Review of Series V with Ahmet, Miroslav, Michael, and Tom

• A Special Saturday afternoon of workshops

October 10: Cajun is coming!

The poem

I don’t usually delve into the realm of the mysterious,
And when it comes to the technical, I often find it deleterious.
But I must share with you info regarding the ubiquitous Zoom
Specifically: software upgrades and how your experience will bloom!

It’s true what I say, that version 5.2.3:
It will enliven your view, it will enhance what you see.
You can rearrange the gallery to your heart’s desire,
And seeing new faces, you’ll never of anyone tire!

If the host spotlights more than one important face
You will see both, or up to nine, all in one place!
But none of this will be possible unless you upgrade
Thank me later, but do it now! Do not be afraid!!

–Marcie Van Cleave