66th Annual Skandia Ball – Virtual via Zoom
Saturday, October 10, 2020  7:30- 10:00 p.m. PDT

The Skandia Ball will be online this year, but still LIVE! Here’s what is planned for the 2 ½-hour virtual event.

  • Three sets of dance music featuring musicians well loved by Skandia dancers
    • Skandia Kapell, one of Seattle’s great music traditions, from Seattle, WA
    • Staffan Jonsson and Samantha Ohlanders, a dynamic fiddle duo (with a Seattle connection!), from Järvsjö, Sweden
    • Mats and Ulf Andersson, fiddlers much loved by Seattle dancers, from Jämtland, Sweden
  • A traditional Allspel in a non-traditional format, presented as a mosaic video.
  • Plus lots of socializing with presentations of costumes, virtual sharing of yummy foods, and a viewing gallery with photos and videos of past Skandia Balls.  If you are interested in showing your costume, if you want to decorate a room in Scandinavian style, or if you want to make a delicious dish to present to the Ball viewers, please contact Judy Patterson at moc.evil@ecnadjdnaj, she will be delighted to hear from you!

Everyone is welcome – whether you are a dancer, musician or listener, someone who regularly attends Skandia events, a friend of Skandia, or a newcomer to Skandia!

Questions? Please email gro.ecnadklof-aidnaks@cisum

Registration and payment are required to attend the Skandia Ball. If you participated in the Allspel mosaic video, you are included.

Skandia Ball Registration
$15 US for Skandia members, $20 US for non-members

Visit the Skandia website for more information and to register.