3rd Annual Balkan Chestnut Festival Poster.jpg


  • *Newly added* free lead up night with singing and dance instruction Friday, October 9th, 8-9:30pm EST on Facebook live

  • Saturday, October 10th, 1-4 pm EST on Youtube live. (Tix needed)

  • Tickets are $10 and available at eventbrite

  • If for any reason you cannot pay, please email mraf.gnimoyw@niloc for a free link.

  • All proceeds after expenses will be donated to designated non profits and charities based in the Balkans.

  • Facebook event page with music videos and artist information: http://bit.ly/3rdBCF


These are the confirmed participants. Please stay tuned for the minute to minute schedule. Each performer has time reserved for interactive Q&A with our onsite MC, Cora Phenix, and with you in the audience.

  • Džambo Aguševi Orchestra is the hottest Balkan brass band in the world. Please check out their new album, “Brasses for the Masses”.

  • Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band is the founding band of Golden Festival in Brooklyn, NY, and this will be their second appearance at the Balkan Chestnut Festival.

  • Šarena Tamburitza Orchestra is a Tamburitza Association of America Presidents Award 2013 Tamburitza and Hall of Fame Inductees in 2008 and 2016.

  • Radost Tamburitza Orchestra of Pittsburgh is also in the Tamburtiza Hall of fame. They are a 4 piece group featuring excellent musicianship wonderful singing.

  • Melez Band is a four piece, Seattle based band that plays Macedonian Roma Pop. They have studied and played with Džambo.

  • Novi Hitovi Brass Band is a flaming hot NYC group specializing in Balkan, Turkish, and Romani party Brass. They are up and coming and a huge hit at Golden Festival.

  • The Harris Brothers Balkan Band play contemporary and traditional Balkan brass music.

  • Eva Salina will host a brief singing class for everyone and Cathy Springer will host a Bulgarian dance class so that everyone can join in the fun.

  • with Cora Phenix as our Master of Ceremonies, and

  • Orchester Praževica, our House Band, known for the “Eastern Block Party” music.