Halloween 2020 Bash and Blow-out

Murray has been collecting “Halloween” versions of popular folkdances for 30 years,
tormenting their group each year with a few samples.

From Murray and Randi Spiegel (NJ):

In this era where anyone in the world can join a group, we’ll have a
whole evening of Alternate / April Fools / Halloween / Uncommon music
versions of repertoire dances for everyone.  Dress up in costume if you want.

Our group traditionally held this the last Wed in October.  This year,
it is on Halloween (Saturday).

Time is 7:30-10 pm [Eastern]

We hope you can join this special event.
Be safe, stay healthy and limber.

For more info, contact Murray Spiegel at moc.sbalatcepsrep@legeipsm