Tom Bozigian teaches Daronee 1-6 and Martakan at Friday Night L.I.F.E. Balkan

Friday Night L.I.F.E. virtual teaching/dancing session (continuing since 3/27/20). This is week 36!Time: every Friday 08:00-10:00 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada) every week, until we return home to LA Dancefit!

****On December 4th, by request,  L.I.F.E. Balkan Dancers will host a special advanced dance workshop with Tom Bozigian and Sheree King teaching Daronee 1-6  again during our session. They also will be introducing Martakan to our group.
Sherry Cochran, along with Asako Oshiro, Joan Hantman (our house crew)  will be leading very short sets of your diverse requests after the workshop.
This week we will again open the room at 7:45pm with some warm-up dance music and segway into a repeat showing of the KCET documentary on Tom, in case you missed it! last time! Their program will start at approximately 8:05pm.

Our weekly sessions remain free but, if you have a desire and ability to contribute, we very much appreciate it. Your donations will go towards funding upcoming special master teacher workshops (even $3 per week or $10 per month will help!) and here is how you can donate: PayPal acct to ten.knilhtrae@7111anahoVenmo @Beryl-Oshiro; if you prefer to send a check, please contact Sherry for assistance.

Steve Kotansky will be returning to do a workshop December 11th!
Jaap Leegwater will be joining us with workshops on January 8th and a review on January 29th!
Lots of fun stuff coming. Hope to see you!

We are grateful that we are able to continue to bring you great dancing and instruction as we continue self-isolation.  Please send your dance and teaching requests, comments & questions to Sherry at moc.liamg@1ecnadlroW no later than Thursday at 6pm. Please indicate if you can lead your requests and be sure to review the teaching videos and other fun stuff at the Life Balkan Dancers YouTube channel at:
Request Zoom link at moc.liamg@1ecnadlroW