This Saturday, December 26, in the afternoon from 4 to 6 pm ET, we’ll have a dance workshop, with teaching by some of our own dance leaders, organized by Barbara Gottfried. The tentative list of dances to be taught is Beranče from Demir Hisar, Čičovata, Deninka, Gilanka, Jambolsko Pajduško #2, Šetnala se Mitro, Oj Ti Momče Ohriǵanče, and Žensko Pušteno. Some of these are dances already in our repertoire that need review; others have been taught recently in online workshops. I’ll send out a final list with more information about these dances, and I’ll also send out the program for the dance later.

At the end of the dance on Saturday we are going to try something new: breaking up into breakout rooms for our after-party chat. (Henry is organizing this.)

Later that same day, Saturday, December 26, will be our 14th Annual Holiday Party, programmed by Paula Rosenstock, from 8 to 11 pm ET.

The URL for both workshop and party is

You can also find this URL on our web page, If you forget the link and don’t remember the URL for our web page, just search for “Tuesday Night Revival Balkan”.

We have a Google Docs spreadsheet for requests, at You can post your requests there for upcoming dances. There is also a link to this spreadsheet on our web page.

Tuesday Night Revival is a series of Balkan dances, aimed at experienced dancers. Our repertoire and our name come from the old MIT Folk Dance Club Tuesday night Balkan dances which were held from around 1965 to the late 1990s but our dances are now on Saturday.