Special ‘Stockton Highlights’ program [TONIGHT!]

What some people said:
“I didn’t think I would be interested, but I stayed for the entire hour”
“For me, it was the highlight of the entire weekend”
“Really learned a lot, didn’t expect to”

Like perhaps most of you, I viewed contra and squares as a mostly white-America activity. This talk blew my mind.

Wednesday, Feb 10 [Yes, tonight]
Program starts: 7:30 PM [Eastern]
Zoom ID: 846 8641 6549
Passcode: 333333 (six 3’s)

Tony Parkes created a scholarly presentation on the African roots of dance calling, from slaves and “hired” musician-callers, Black presence in square dancing into the 20th C, all the way to indigenous groups above the Arctic circle. The lecture includes archival and relatively “rare” footage.

I strongly urge you to see “Diversity in Square Dancing”

Tony will be joining us LIVE for a chat after the presentation, where YOU can ask questions and learn more.

Tony has considerable “dance cred”: he’s taught in >70% of the states, Canada, 5 countries in Europe, and – along with calling Squares and Contras at many other festivals – has performed at every NEFFA festival since 1969.

We’ll be on for a bit over an hour. Time to do other stuff later in the afternoon/evening!

See you there!