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Check out the Winter Weekend parties —

⭐Opening Party, featuring Orkestar Unbound

⭐Closing Party, featuring Winter Weekend teachers

⭐Annual Asia Party — see what the buzz is about!

and introducing…

⭐ Europarty, featuring master teachers and dance leaders from Europe


…we’re going to replay the Europarty on Monday morning for those who miss it the first time!

Get ready for camp!

⭐ Adony’s video overview of the full schedule

⭐ See all of the hilarious preview videos on the Stockton Folkdance Facebook group

⭐ Get your Winter Weekend Name Badge to use on Zoom. You have two choices:

Stockton Winter Weekend Starts Friday!

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❄ ⛇ Virtual hugs from the Winter Weekend planning team!  ⛇ ❄