Dancin’ in the Seats has moved entirely to Zoom (no longer on FB LIve) and is now at noon Eastern on Mondays and Wednesdays. If people want the Zoom link they can contact me on Facebook (see below)

Also, I offer the same class on Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm Eastern, also on Zoom. The two different times are to make it easier to fit with people’s schedules and time zones.

Dancin’ in the Seats is a unique program of seated dances to a variety of music. They are simple, fun, and get the whole body moving. Because they are seated, there is no worry about losing one’s balance, or bumping into things or tripping while moving around. All ages and abilities find these dances delightful.

These are all seated dances!

See Steve’s Facebook page: facebook.com/StevenLeeWeintraub/

Times: M/W at Noon and T/Th at 3:00 PM ET