Jaap Leegwater with live music by Jan Wollring

January 29, 2021, 7:45 10pm Pacific Time

Time: Doors open at 7:45 pm PT with warm up dances from our “Jaap repertoire.” Jaap will start just after 8 pm PT and teach for most of the evening.

E-Mail moc.liamg@1ecnadlroW for the link 

We are happy to bring you, live from The Netherlands (at 5am), Jaap Leegwater. Jaap is known worldwide for his fun teaching and having introduced dances including Karamfil, Dobrudžanska Pandela, and Mari Marijko. He began his dance career in The Netherlands, where he earned one of his degrees in international folk dance, specializing in Bulgarian folk dance and choreography. Jaap studied at the State Choreographer’s school in Sofia and Plovdiv, living there for two years; he regularly returns to Bulgaria to update his studies and make new recordings.

Accompanying Jaap live will be accordionist Jan Wollring, whom we met at Facone. Jan was the regular accompanist of Bulgarian singer Galina Durmushliyska during the years she lived in the Netherlands.
Sherry Cochran, Joan Hantman, and Tom Bozigian and Sheree King will be on hand for this special evening.

Jaap has made his music available to us by request for a $15 donation to L.I.F.E. He has insisted that we keep $5 of each donation.

Our weekly sessions remain free but, if you have a desire and ability to contribute, we very much appreciate it. Your donations will go towards funding special master teacher workshops  and here is how you can donate: PayPal acct to moc.liamg@7111anaho; Venmo @Beryl-Oshiro; if you prefer to send a check, please contact Sherry at moc.liamg@1ecnadlroW for assistance.

For further information: moc.liamg@1ecnadlroW