Coming to you all the way from California…

…a playlist of Different Versions of the music we typically dance to. Some great and interesting arrangements and groups. Some you can dance to, all are interesting to listen to.

Click HERE to go to the playlist. Info about the dances below:

  1. Kaim Krasniqi – does an Albanian version of the dance ‘Made in Romania’; dance is by Sonia Dion and Cristian Florescu.
  2. Matt Dubb – Performs a slower, more melodic version of ‘Adama V’shamayim’; dance is by Gadi Bitton.
  3. The Pennywhistlers – In 1966 perform ‘Shto Mi e Milo’. Usually danced to a Lesnoto, a folkloric dance.
  4. Argir Manassiev – While we’re on ‘Sto Mi e Milo’, here’s a 1908 version from the Gevgelian area of Macedonia.
  5. Bob Chilcott with the Fairfield Children’s Choir – A choral version of ‘Mairi’s Wedding’; dance devised by James B Cosh.
  6. Loituma – A Finnish group performing ‘Tokyo Polka’; dance by Richard Powers. Some groups regularly use this version of the song for the dance.
  7. Caatrin Finch – with an orchestra plays a peppy version of ‘Maple Leaf Rag’; dance by Jack and Ione Kern.
  8. Vladuta Lupau – sings ‘Cine are noroc are’; dance by Maurits van Geel.
  9. Vlatko Stefanovski & Miroslav Tadic – A concert version of ‘Jovano Jovanke’; dance originally learned by Michel Cartier, but widely taught by Dick Crum.
  10. Dumitru– a caval version of ‘Alunelu de la Urzica; dance by Sunni Bloland.
  11. La Bolduc (Mary Rose-Anne Bolduc) – a charming version of ‘La Bastringue’; presented by Yves Moreau.

Hope you enjoy listening to these.

Adony and Becky, part of the Peninsula Folk Dance Council