Texas Camp
Another Pre-Camp Event!
Mark your calendars for this Saturday, 3p.m. CST

To the tune of Space Oddity (with apologies to David Bowie)

Floor Control to Camper Tom
Floor Control to Camper Tom
There’s no floor this year; we’re dancing from our homes
Floor Control to Camper Tom
Commencing zoom feed, dance shoes on
On Thanksgiving day may our love be with you…

This is Floor Control to Camper Tom
Instead of hauling boards
We’ll be meeting on the weekend before Camp
For a preview with a special floor crew stamp

He-e-e-e-e-e-re is the zoom link you should follow
We-e-e-e-e-e’ll meet at three
We’ll share a snack or two
And then toast our gallant crew

Dear Campers,

In a normal year, we would be planning a little outing to Bruceville, TX the weekend prior to Camp to assemble the dance floor. That, of course, will not be happening, but be of brave heart, for instead we shall celebrate with a pre-Camp Floor Party, a Texa-Kolo teaser event (huzzah!!). This event will take place via Zoom from 3:00-5:00 CST on Saturday, November 21st. We’ll do some awesome dances, watch historical footage of authentic Texas Camp villagers assembling a floor (but without the sore muscles this time), and partake of some other awesome floor traditions (hint: bring snacks and a beverage of choice). All are heartily welcome, and if you’ve always wanted to join the Floor Crew but could never make it happen, THIS IS YOUR YEAR!!!!!!!!

See you on your own individual dance floors soon,
The Floor Czars