California has been busy! Here’s another playlist:

To pass the time….

 here’s a YouTube playlist with live performances of the dances we love to listen to and do, by the artists we’re most familiar with. Youtube links to the dances themselves are in the below descriptions.

  1. Николина Чакърдъкова – Сватба е (Nikolina Čakardakova) – Sings the song ‘Svatba’, for the dance ‘Svatba’ by Belčo Stanev, taught in the US by Lee Otterholt.
  2. Joe Dassin – Sings the song ‘Les Champs Elysee’, for the dance ‘Champs Elysee, by Ira Weisburd.
  3. Ileana Ciuculete – Sings the song ‘Ciorba de Curcan’, for the dance ‘Ciorba de Curcan’ by Sonia Dion and Cristian Florescu. Don’t see a video for this, so here’s one for another of their dances, ‘Opinca’.
  4. Kiyoshi Hikawa – Sings the song ‘Tokimeki no Rumba’ for the dance Tokimekino Rumba, by Iwao Tamaoki. Also, here’s a video of Baseball Ondo’.
  5. Nicolae Gribincea & Plaiedii – Sings the song ‘La Bordeiul Cel Din Vale’, for the dance ‘La Bordeiul Cel Din Vale’ by Ira Weisburd.
  6. The Oak Ridge Boys – Sing the song ‘Elvira’, for the dance ‘Elvira’, couple choreographer unknown.
  7. Hatsune Miku – ‘Sings’ the song for the dance ‘Levan Polkka’, for the dance Tokyo Polka’  by Richard Powers.
  8. Ivana Tasic & Branimir Stosic – Sing the song ‘Kazi Suto, Kazi Duso’, for the dance ‘Kazi Suto, Kazi Duso’ by Miroslav ‘Bata’ Martcetic. Don’t see a video for this, so here’s a video of Bata just ‘jammin’
  9. חיים משה – כל נדריי Haim Moshe – Sings the song ‘Kol Nederai’, for the dance ‘Kol Nederai’ by Shmulik Gov-Ari.
  10. Miroslav Ilic – Sings the song ‘Joj Rado, joj Radmila’, for the dance ‘Joj Rado, joj Radmila’ by Ben Koopmanschap, taught in the US by Roberto Bagnoli.
  11. Juice Newton – Sings the song ‘Queen of Hearts’ for the dance Slapping Leather’, choreographer unknown.

Share any interesting ones you have, you can find me on facebook or email me directly.

Happy Sunday

Adony and Becky, part of the Peninsula Folk Dance Council.