Northwest Folklife Virtual April 13-17

Next Week — Movin’ Around the World: Virtual Brings Music and Dance to Your Homes!

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Website: Movin’ Around the World: Virtual

During these times of uncertainty, Northwest Folklife and Seattle Center remain committed to uplifting our community and celebrating the arts and culture of our region while we navigate a world that requires us to remain physically apart at this time. That’s why we’re taking Movin’ Around the World online! Movin’ Around the World: Virtual, Apr. 13-17, 2020, invites youth and families to experience the cultures of our Pacific Northwest neighbors from your own home.

Starting on Monday, kids and families can participate in dance, music, and culture from local artists and culture bearers, as they showcase performances and workshops through recorded videos that will be uploaded daily onto the Movin’ Around the World: Virtual website.

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Folkdance workshop with Dimitar Petrov (Mitko)

Click here for Online workshop on YouTube

If you like the video, please share it with your friends who like dancing.

I want everyone to be able to watch the video and dance with me. Don’t worry if you can’t make a donation, I know some people have very hard times now, many lost their job, just like me. A smaller or greater donation for those who can afford it is ok. Be healthy and enjoy dancing! – Mitko 

Mitko’s website

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Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi

Check out

Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi is an Emmy® Award-winning travel show on PBS, Create TV, and Amazon Prime featuring professional dancer Mickela Mallozzi as she experiences the world, one dance at a time!

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Israeli Folk Dances for Children

From Yaron Meishar (pre-recorded Israeli dance collections):

Folk dances for children

When we are at home all days and have children with us looking for activity…

I made for you a children’s dance string that I teach and dance in the children gardens where I work.

You can also dance with your grandchildren with your Smartphone… in the distance and the dances are definitely suitable for elementary school children as well.

Dance and enjoy:

Enjoy, Yaron Meishar

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Special Shabbat Dances

From Yaron Meishar (pre-recorded Israeli dance collections):

Friends, dancers,

Waiting for Shabbat, I prepared for you 2 dance collections, the lesser known and the ones that dance to this days. The main thing is that the songs are beautiful and symbolize the Sabbath. You are invited to dance with the instructors

Take care, keep yourself!!!

Collection No. 1 – Friday towards Saturday:

Collection No. 2 – Shabbat Ha’Malka:

If you don’t have a VIP on the “Dancing” site yet, it’s time to support us now:

Enjoy, Yaron Meishar

Note: the first collection below is actually “Collection No. 1 – Friday towards Saturday”

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List of Dances from Loui

For the Thursday group that meets in Saratoga, California.
Because we cannot meet together in person to dance for a while, I have put together a video list for you. – Loui

And — just for fun — Hand Clap Skit

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Israeli Dancing from Yaron Meishar

These days, when we’re all at home, and want to dance a bit, I’ve prepared you two dance sequences (I’ll do more soon), from my dance session at Dizengoff Center, on Tuesdays.

Beginning at 6pm:
Continuing from 7pm:

Welcome to dance with us now at home, and if you like the repertoire, we’d love to see you with us on Tuesdays, after the flood …

Enjoy, Yaron Meishar

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To pass the time – Teachers and Friends

From California, a Playlist of the Teachers we love learning from and dancing with.

This playlist could be hundreds long, but we’ll start with 16. I picked ones where our teachers are dancing. A few have instruction at the front, but all include dancing!

Click HERE for today’s playlist.

  1. Mihai David leading Floricica Olteneasca.
  2. Bruce Hamilton in a 2x rendition of The Astonished Archaeologist.
  3. Roberto Bagnoli teaching and dancing Ogneno Horo.
  4. Yves Moreau dancing Monino Horo.
  5. France Bourque-Moreau in a short clip teaching a Québécois dance.
  6. Ira Weisburd leading the line dance Yolanda.
  7. Jaap Leegwater leading Kircho na charade sedeshe.
  8. Joe Graziosi leading a fun Island Syrto.
  9. Ahmet Luleci with Saskin
  10. Richard Powers dancing Tokyo Polka. Tokyo Polka seems to be turning up on a lot of our playlists.
  11. Jim Gold with Maica.
  12. Roo Lester with an a capella version of Langdans fran Solleron.
  13. Zeljko Jergen in the middle with  Hrvatske Igre Radionica.
  14. Sonia Dion & Cristian Florescu with a clip of their dance Te Aven Baxtale.
  15. George & Irina Arabagi teaching and dancing Na Polonyi.
  16. Ada Dziewanowska, at ~100 years old, during a Polish Festival.

Stay happy,

Adony, Becky and the Peninsula Folk Dance Council

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Andrew Carnie’s Instructional Videos

Andrew Carnie, who has an amazing website for dance instructions and links to dance resources,  is putting instructional videos up for his for-credit University class which has moved entirely online.
You can see the videos he’s done so far here.
As of March 25, 2020, these are the dance videos:

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Trakya 2008 – The movie from Yves Moreau

From the EEFC List:

Dear EEFC friends,

In these exceptional times during which many of us are confined in our homes, I invite you to watch a delightful documentary (95 min) produced by my daughter Catherine Moreau.
Synopsis : In July 2008, Yves Moreau and his Japanese friend Hironobu Senzaki celebrated their 60th birthday with a unique and exciting folklore journey through Thrace, the rich cultural region shared by Bulgaria (Тракия), Greece (Θράκη) and Turkey (Trakya).  90 people from all over the world gathered to take part in «Trakya 2008».
More than just a trip, this extraordinary event proved that dancing, singing and musical traditions can transcend borders and create a spirit of friendship and unity.

Warm greetings and good wishes from Montreal.

Yves Moreau

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Dance with Ira Weisburd with Facebook Live

Virtual Dance Classes with Ira Weisburd on Facebook Live!

I participated this evening in his Israeli dance class – it was great! I didn’t know most of the dances, but they were not too difficult and Ira is, of course, a most amazing instructor and talked through the dances to make them easier to pick up. He also taught a few dances in detail.

Israeli Dancing Virtual Classes – Every Monday 4pm PT – live on Facebook

Line Dance Class – Every Tuesday 7:30am PT – live on Facebook (that’s right – very early in the morning – not so bad in Florida)

Balkan Dancing coming soon!

You DO NOT have to be a Facebook User or Facebook Friend to tune in and participate in the class.  Simply click on or copy and paste the link into your browser.  When you become a “follower” on Ira’s page, you will get an automatic alert when Ira goes “Live”.

From Ira’s message:

To have the best virtual dance experience, please prepare the following in advance.  Find an area or clear an area in your home which is at least 12 feet […]

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Dance with Stacy on Facebook Live

Stacy Rose is planning a folk dance session every Thursday evening 7pm PDT on Facebook Live.

I enjoyed participating in much of last Thursday’s dance. Find it here on Facebook!

Playlist for virtual dance party 3/19/2020

    1. Robin Ddiog – Wales
    2. Raca – Serbia
    3. Långdans från Sollerön – Sweden
    4. Flor Amorosa – Brazil
    5. Branle de la Fosse Aux Loups – Alsace
    6. Laz Bar – Armenia
    7. Mi Nada Un Ca Tem – Cape Verde
    8. Mori Shej – Hungarian Rom
    9. Tokyo Polka – US
    10. Gori More – Serbian American
    11. Syrtos – Greece
    12. Ma Na’avu – Israel
    13. A Sprengisandi – Iceland
    14. Çobankat – Albania
    15. An Dro Retourné – Brittany
    16. Misirlou – Greek American
    17. Jano Janke – Macedonia
    18. Lesnoto – Macedonia
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Folk Dance Aerobics

From BIFD Program Director:
Hi, Here is a set of dances that I thought would make a fun folk dance aerobics for those interested to dance along with.

Folk Dance Aerobics

  1. Ajde Jano – Serbia –
  2. Tapan Cuka – Macedonia –
  3. Ali Pasa – Turkey –
  4. Belcova Tropanka – Bulgaria –
  5. Jiana de la tilisca sibiu – Romania –
  6. Djurdjevica – Serbia –
  7. Elerinka – Bulgaria –
  8. Eten Bamidbar – Israel –
  9. Eva’s Polka (Tokyo Polka) – USA –
  10. Tricot – Brittany –
  11. Tropanka from Dobrudja – Bulgaria –
  12. Promoroaca – Romania –
  13. Ugros – Hungary –
  14. Dobrudjanska Pandela – Bulgaria –
  15. Fado Portugues – Portugal –
  16. Erev Ba – Israel […]
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